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UCN KIMYA SANAYI LTD is a direct manufacturer and main supplier of Yellow Corn/ Maize with high quality and nutrients. Firstly, The maize/ corn are used for human consumption as well as animal feed. Secondly, its sourced from highly reliable vendors and farmers, Yellow Corn, we offer are free from impurities or adulteration.
Futhermore, Our Yellow Corn has uniform grain size and excellent resistance to blight.
Also, Our Yellow Maize is high on protein content. In addition, we offer the Yellow Corn/ Maize in properly packed tamper proof packing. By offering quality Yellow Maize, we have made a name for ourselves as one of best supplier & exporter of Yellow Corn/ Maize from Thailand.

Corn/ Maize is used in many industries
Human food (Human Consumption)
Chemicals, Starch
Beverage Alcohol
Animal Feed(Animal, Cattle Fodder)

Cheap Yellow Corn Maize

Fish Meal

To begin, UCN KIMYA SANAYI LTD is one of the top Fish Meal suppliers and exporters from Hungary. Manufactured from best raw materials, our Fish Meal have high demand globally.

We are offering a fish meal. Specification of fish meal
1.colour :brown
2.protein 65 min
3.ash 17 max
4.moisture 10 max
5.fat 10 max

product description:
fish meal produced in our factory is made of fresh anchovy through high-temperature steaming, sterilization, degrease, drying and screening. With reliable high quality, all of its indicators have reached GB/t19164-2005 standard of first-class fish meal.


UCN KIMYA SANAYI LTD is one of the top Gluten Meal suppliers and exporters from Hungary. Manufactured from best raw materials, our Corn/ Maize Gluten Meal have high demand globally.
Corn Gluten Meal is manufactured by re-centrifugation, filtering, and drying of gluten slurry obtained in starch gluten separation in the mill. The Co-products obtained by processing corn are Corn Gluten Meal, Gluten Feed, Corn Germ Meal, and Corn steep extracts.

Corn/ Maize Gluten Applications:

    • Poultry and Cattle Feed


We are offering soybean meal on Alibaba.we are among the leading traders, suppliers, and exporters of soybean meal. Owing to its rich protein content, it is widely used as cattle feed. This product is also processed for extracting oil from it. Moreover, it is also utilized in canned dog foods and protein supplements.


UCN KIMYA SANAYI LTD is one of the top Cottonseed Meal suppliers and exporters from Thailand. Firstly we manufactured from best raw materials, our Cottonseed Meal has high demand globally. Visit our Alibaba company profile 

We are offering a cottonseed meal. our organization provides various kind of cottonseed cake, which are

fats used for feeding cattle for better fastening and high yield of milk.  specification:
* protein: 21%
* fiber: 24-26%
* lint: no
* oil content: 7%
* Moisture: 10%
* damage: no
* sand silica: 2% max

ch with proteins and


Meat and Bone Meal is the protein product after the fat and moisture have been extracted from ruminant raw material in the normal rendering process. Meat and Bone Meal is golden to medium brown in colour. Our plant can produce at your request based on your order. Leave us a message for more specification and direct inquiry 
Crude protein : 50 % min
Moisture :10 %max
Fat : 3 – 5 %
Calcium : 8%
Crude fiber : 2 -3%
Total Lysin : 2.5%
Pepsin digestibility : 75 – 85%


We are offering rapeseed meal.we are a well acclaimed trader, supplier and exporter of rapeseed meal, which possesses an excellent amino acid composition. Rapeseed meal is mainly used in animal feed and also as organic fertiliser. The meal is preferred over oilcake due to its versatile use. The content are normally :-

moisture – 10% max.
protein – 36% min.
oil content -1 % max.
sand & silica – 2.5% max
fibre – 12% max