Vanilla Beans

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Firstly, Our Company is an agricultural company based in the export of Fresh and Dried Turkish Crops of all types. Also, Export ranges from the sales of fertilizers, seeds, harvested and processed agricultural foodstuffs of different types.

Inaddition, We have a very wide range of network within the country and this has prompted us to export our produce to other markets.
– Our products range includes the supply of
Specification for Black Vanilla Beans 

Vanillin content is: 1.8 – 2.4%
Moisture content is: 30 – 35%.
Name: Good quality vanilla bean
Grade: AAA


Futhermore No speckle, no mold, No heavy metal, no pesticide, Hand selected

Color: Black
Size: 10-20cm
Admixture: 1% max
Packing: Bulk or Tube or at your requests
Moisture: 14% max

However, We are open to receive your trade inquiries through our contacts information link

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