Sugar & Chicken Egg

ICUMSA45 Sugar

ICUMSA45 Sugar

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  • Icumsa 45 RBU and Icumsa below 100
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Polarization: 99.80% min
  • Moisture: 0.04% max. by Weight
  • Solubility: 100% Dry/Free Fine Flowing
  • Radiation: Normal Within Internationally Accepted Limit
  • Crop: Current
  • Ash content: 0.04% max
  • SO2: 70 mg / K
  • Colour: ​crystal white Maximum 45 ICUMSA
  • Granulation: Fine Standard
  • Smell : Free or Any Smell
  • Reducing sugar: 0.05% Max. by Weight

Coconut Sugar

Firstly, As a result of our good product manufacture, we are one of the lowest glycemic index sweeteners on the market.

Affordable High Nutrient and unrefined 1 to 1 replacement for cane sugar
Gluten Free
Ingredient: 100% Organic Granulated Coconut Palm Nectar
Weight/ Size: 1lb/454g

Table Eggs

Secondly, we have in stock  some guaranteed and priced to go fertile eggs and chicks of these birds:

-Congo African Grey Parrot
-Timneh African Grey Parrot.
-Scarlet macaws .
-Blue and gold macaw .
-Hyacinth macaws
-Green winged macaws
-Military Macaws….
-Catalina macaw ..

Also we have ,

White-cheeked Turaco …
Prince Ruspoli’s Turaco
Purple-crested Turaco ….
Great Blue Turaco ..
Ruwenzori Turaco ….
Violet Turaco …..
Ross’s Turaco ….
Red-crested Turaco….
Shoebill birds…….
White-crested Turaco ..
Green Turaco…….

Cylindricus hornbill….
Shoebill birds…..

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Also, if you have further questions do no hesitate to contact us.