Why Work With Us?

Fair Trade is an alternative approach to the imbalance of power, unstable markets, and injustices of the conventional trade system. It is based on a partnership involving producers, exporters, importers, manufacturers, and consumers.

The Fair Trade system offers producers the security of fair pricing during volatile markets and improved terms of trade. It also requires producer organizations and its members to invest in their communities, follow environmental standards, and plan for their future.

Fair Trade offers consumers a powerful way to be involved in reducing poverty through their everyday shopping, as funds that go back to  producers are specifically designated for social, economic, and environmental development projects.

In addition, we aim to promote sustainability in all our business activities, reinforcing our leading position.

Within Which, we defined four strategic priorities:

  • Drive growth
  • Accelerate digitalization
  • Increase Agility
  • Fund growth

Our purpose: Creating sustainable value

Our values: Customers and consumers, people, financial performance, sustainability, family business

Our mission

  We want to serve our customers worldwide as the most trusted partner with leading positions in all relevant markets and categories – as a passionate team united by shared values.

Our vision

 Leading with our innovations, brands, and technologies